Role Of AI In Creating A Sustainable Future

Sustainability has emerged as a top value indicator for investors and a significant deciding factor for consumers, leading companies to explore new ways to assess and demonstrate their sustainable contributions. Artificial intelligence can help companies generate these reports for multiple audiences. This is in the conclusion of a discussion led by Dr. Priyanka Shrivastava, a researcher and award-winning professor at the Hult International Business School.

One of the key challenges that companies face is how to measure sustainability when there are multiple subjective interpretations of what counts. Frameworks like Environmental and Social governance (ESG) and Sustainable development Goals (SDG) are being actively discussed among business stakeholders, investors, and government authorities to measure and scale the sustainability index of companies and quantify efforts. In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, an organization’s growth and success are sometimes defined by its decisions around socioeconomic and environmental considerations. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which is often defined as “don’t do bad things” has transformed into a mandate to “do good”, encapsulated in the strategic priority of ESG or SDG. Read More  

Ted Ladd

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