River Wye taskforce would act to clean up waterway, letter says

The government is being urged to set up a border task force to clean up the River Wye.

In a letter, Herefordshire Council chief executive Paul Walker says laws to stop pollution are not working.

The letter is backed by local wildlife groups, charities, farmers, chicken producer Avara and local politicians.

They say the public has lost faith in leaders and agencies and concern about the river is causing conflict in communities.

The letter, sent to the Secretary of State for the Environment Thérèse Coffey, says the river is constantly in the national spotlight.

But, it says not all the solutions put forward have potential and goes on to add: “At present, not all agencies, councils, delivery partners, rural businesses or indeed the environmental lobby are agreed on either the evidence, or the best solutions to tackle the challenge.

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    “The lack of agreement is impeding progress, with the constant need to revisit options already disregarded. Read more


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Nicola Goodwin