Susana Sanchez-Young’s illustrations are almost musical: They are catchy, buoyant, and expressive. The East Bay-based mom of two is the founder of The Designing Chica and an art director at the Los Angeles Times. Her clever bilingual plays on pop-culture references are emblazoned on everything from coloring books and paint kits to stickers and wall art. Susana’s art is infectiously happy, and we loved teaming with her to celebrate American Rivers’ 50th anniversary — and the vibrancy of rivers. Find Susana on Instagram?@TheDesiginingChica.

We are proud to offer a T-shirt featuring an original design by The Designing Chica for Hispanic Heritage Month, which will help support our longtime partners at the Hispanic Access Foundation. 

What inspires your art??

My crazy, cultural upbringing inspires my art and my life. My mother is from Guatemala, my father?is from Nicaragua, and I was raised in Hollywood. My parents taught me to love my culture, our music, and speaking Spanish?at home.?My hard-working mother and aunts and grandmother would take me to clean houses with them after school — houses of movie stars and directors?and writers in the Hollywood?Hills. Read more