A downtown district committed to advancing community wellness and delivering equitable outcomes.

Recognized as a key opportunity to establish a model of transit-oriented development for Salt Lake City and the State of Utah, the Rio Grande District Vision & Implementation Plan will serve as a redevelopment road map for the 24-acre site. The Vision Plan calls for an urban scale, walkable community that leverages local organizations to create a programmed and activated district for art, community health and wellness, and organic economic growth. To achieve this, we envisioned a calibrated mix of land uses, including residential with retail and maker’s spaces on the ground levels, a new hotel, and space for non-profit operations. Consisting of two city blocks located next to Salt Lake Central Station, the plan maximizes it’s transit-rich location which will serve as a civic-scaled gateway into Downtown, defined by mountain beauty and community wellness.

A Holistic Environmental Approach

The site’s design framework is founded on a network of walkable, fine-grain public spaces, serving as an organizing armature for vertical development. The streets, parks, and plazas serve as a canvas for vibrant, inclusive urban life while championing biophilic multifunctional landscapes.Read More