Review of Next-Generation Wireless Devices with Self-Energy Harvesting for Sustainability Improvement


Wireless methodologies are the focal point of electronic devices, including telephones, computers, sensors, mobile phones, laptops, and wearables. However, wireless technology is not yet utilized extensively in underwater and deep-space communications applications, and it is also not applied in certain critical medical, military, and industrial applications due to its limited battery life. Self-energy-harvesting techniques overcome this issue by converting ambient energy from the surroundings into usable power for electronic devices; devices that use such techniques are next-generation wireless devices that can operate without relying on external power sources. This methodology improves the sustainability of the wireless device and ensures its prolonged operation. This article gives an in-depth analysis of the recent techniques that are implemented to design an efficient energy-harvesting wireless device. It also summarizes the most preferred energy sources and generator systems in the present trends. This review and its summary explore the common scope of researchers in narrowing their focus in designing new self-energy-harvesting wireless devices. Read More 

James Deva

? Sustainability & LEED