Why Biodiverse Green Roofs?

Steven Peck challenged workshop attendees to answer a simple question, “Why would you want to build a biodiverse green roof? My short answer to this question is, “Anyone involved with land development shares the responsibility to “be” a steward of the earth”. We live in an integral relationship with nature and biodiverse green roofs are one of the viable development approaches that resolves the perceived dilemma between conservation versus development (Francis and Lorimer 2011, Kowarik 2011). To help disseminate knowledge about how to design biodiverse green roofs (BGR), we facilitated an ASLA workshop through a seven-step design process.

Step 1: Understand the rooftop’s potential for a BGR:

With a critical assessment of rooftop conditions, many, if not most new rooftops could be designed to accommodate biodiverse green roofs. The first step in the design process is to assess and analyze a roof deck’s potential for the inclusion of a green roof. Although green roofs may be a good fit with many buildings, a biodiverse green roof may not be a good fit with every rooftop. Read more