Phoenix Green Walls Is Now Vert Plantworks

PHOENIX, April 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Phoenix Green Walls today announced it is rebranding as Vert Plantworks™, with a new brand identity and environmental policy. Vert Plantworks features fresh new branding, with a bold color palette and modern aesthetic. Vert Plantworks is positioned to bring an elevated and innovative aesthetic to the practical implementation of biophilic design.

Rainbow Moss Logo – Vert Plantworks

Green Living Plant Wall – Vert Plantworks

Moss Elevator Bay – Vert Plantworks

Moss Panel Decor – Vert Plantworks

“Vert Plantworks represents how far we’ve come as a company. Green walls will always be at our core, but now we are extremely proud to offer a host of additional ways that people and businesses can connect with nature in their environments,” says Evan Lambert, founder of Vert Plantworks. “The word “vert” suggests both vertical and green, so it encompasses much of what is meaningful for us.” 

Since its launch in 2021, Vert Plantworks has become a leader in green walls, living plant walls, vertical gardens and moss walls. Additionally, the company offers plantscaping services including interior plant design, plant maintenance and plant rental. The service offering has also expanded into premium faux plant walls. The new name reflects this broader product offering, as well an expanded geographical area that includes all of Arizona and surrounding states.

Along with its new name, Vert Plantworks is also releasing a new Environmental Policy Statement detailing a commitment to sustainability, in addition to launching Vert Studio, a design collective for biophilic design, innovation and product development.

About Vert Plantworks: Founded as Phoenix Green Walls in early 2021, Vert Plantworks is a green wall and plantscaping provider. Driven by the biophilic design movement, Vert Plantworks promotes the incorporation of living plants and greenery into work and living spaces. For more information about Vert Plantworks, visit

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