Peachtree Corners, Israel join to bring smart city solutions to Georgia

Peachtree Corners, one of the pioneering 5G smart cities in the United States, has joined forces with the Israel Innovation Authority to launch an exciting collaboration. The partnership aims to bring the most promising Israeli technology start-ups to the heart of what is affectionately known as the “Silicon Orchard.”

This initiative will enable selected companies to showcase their solutions in a real-world environment, enhancing city safety and operations enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) technology, while facilitating the exchange of capabilities, resources, and knowledge for mutual benefit.

“The collaboration between Israel and Peachtree Corners has been growing for the past several years, and we’re excited to formally help bring some of the most advanced new smart city technologies while enabling our start-ups to expand into North America,” said Dr. Amiram Applebaum, chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority and chief innovation scientist at the Innovation, Science and Technology Ministry.

Peachtree Corners: A hotspot for international companies

Over the past several years, Peachtree Corners has become a hotspot for international companies seeking to launch their ventures into the North American market. Engagements with technology developers and government-led trade entities from Europe, Asia and the Middle East have made Peachtree Corners a preferred destination for innovation and business growth opportunities.

Downtown Atlanta (credit: PIXABAY)

“We are proud of Israel’s leadership in smart city and IoT innovation, and it only made sense to partner with a city that’s now globally recognized for its unique environment and global firsts – from the first cellular vehicle-to-everything system implemented in an American city to other smart infrastructure breakthroughs that affect autonomous mobility and more. There’s no better soft launch pad in America to help foster the implementation of innovative technology relevant to smart cities, while positively impacting the daily life for its citizens,” Applebaum added.

Peachtree Corners’ City Manager Brian Johnson expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We’re delighted to partner with Israel Innovation Authority in helping to foster the growth of some of the world’s brightest start-ups working on smart city, IoT and future mobility tech – while elevating safety and enhancing everyday city …


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