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Atlanta Botanical Garden Expansion Master Plan

By |March 26, 2024|Categories: Landscape Architecture News|

The Atlanta Botanical Garden (ABG) is a 30-acre garden in midtown Atlanta, Georgia, where renowned plant collections, beautiful displays, and spectacular exhibitions make it one of the best places in the city to experience and appreciate nature. ABG’s mission emphasizes horticulture, education, enrichment, and conservation.

The new garden envisions creating dramatic

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Green Roofs, Living Walls, and Green Infastructure

Cultivating Change: The Role of Urban Agriculture in European Policy

By |March 25, 2024|Categories: Green Roofs, Living Walls, and Green Infastructure|

In the concrete jungles of our cities could take root a quiet revolution: urban agriculture. As we struggle with the challenges of food security, environmental degradation, and climate change, harnessing the potential of urban spaces for agricultural production can emerge as a solution. Urban agriculture has a myriad of benefits

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