The extension of the Rose Kennedy Greenway, located on top of the existing expressway, is a landmark contribution to Boston’s public realm. This move has the potential to create both a more fitting finale to the Greenway when approaching from the north and a new gateway to the Greenway when approaching from the south. By creating a multi-tiered open space, supported by F+B retail and further activated by our residential entrance and bicycle access, we will be establishing a place for residents and the community to gather and relax.

The site’s landscape design revolves around sheltering the entire greenway system from the wind; specifically, from the noise and air pollutants carried from I-93. A phytoforest is positioned at the southern end of the new park, filtering asthma-causing particulate matter from the air. Phytoremediation tree species are planted in undulating mounds that lift the ground surface, evoking the rolling summits of the Blue Hills to the south. The elevated landform and planting also provides an opportunity to add a digital art lighting element within the tree canopy. Read more