Green walls allow companies to get a lot of plants into relatively small spaces. Ambius can install indoor and outdoor green walls to really make your facility stand out. But what if you live in a colder climate? Never fear, Ambius has the solution.

Ambius is the expert in providing companies just like yours with interior landscaping and office plant solutions. One of the most outstanding services we offer is called the green wall. Green walls, or vertical gardens, allow us to transform a blank wall into one full of living floral or plants. Our green walls are a dazzling display of living plants which offer pops of color alongside the benefits of plants. These vertical gardens do all of this without taking up too much floor space.

As great as interior green walls are, did you know Ambius also does exterior green walls? That’s right, outdoor green walls that make it look like amazing plants have climbed their way up the exterior of your building. But what happens if you live in a climate where it gets cold for part of the year? Read more