This is not the area residents bargained for

Re “Padres are planning a $20M makeover of Petco Park’s Gallagher Square” (May 28): Regarding the proposed improvements to the public park in Gallagher Square: Our small community park effectively is being transformed into a for-profit concert venue. The Padres and the city need to address community concerns that have been brought to their attention since the Sycuan Stage was built in 2019.

These include: 1) maintaining legal sound limits emitting into the community, 2) performing a professional sound study to determine appropriate noise abatement tools, 3) keep the park open daily as intended without being partially or completely closed by barriers, and 4) limit tickets sales for events to 5,000 as stated in the ballpark documents. The city should be supporting our public park rather than subsidizing a corporate profit-making venture.

Wayne Metlitz
East Village

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