Once we work with nature, much more can be done

Supporters and opponents of nature restoration can continue to argue, but six professors, researchers and programme leaders from Wageningen University & Research prefer to look at how nature, agriculture and housing fit together.

There is a lot of discussion about the Nature Restoration Act. The law is intended to improve nature and biodiversity in Europe on a large scale, but is meeting resistance in the Netherlands. Opponents fear that our country will be further locked up and food shortages will occur. Supporters stress that enough space will be left for housing, energy transition and agriculture. But for or against nature is the wrong question: it is about working together with nature.

There are all sorts of ways this can be done. This is often overlooked in discussions. This is a shame, because nature offers solutions from which humans and other species can benefit. There are numerous examples of so-called nature-based solutions. I give three for inspiration. Read More

Bas Breman, Tim van Hattum, Liesje Mommer, Jeroen Candel, Lawrence Jones-Walters and Jeanne Nel of Wageningen University & Research.

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