Museum Partnership Expands NAHB’s Workforce Development Outreach


NAHB has partnered with the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., to collaborate on housing industry initiatives and ramp up efforts to expand workforce development outreach.

The National Building Museum, located four blocks from the National Mall, has transformed the public’s understanding of the impact of architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, construction, planning and design. NAHB will now have a footprint in the museum’s ongoing, engaging exhibitions, educational programs and special events.

“NAHB’s partnership with the National Building Museum will broaden our careers-in-construction outreach to families in our nation’s backyard and all those who visit this awe-inspiring space,” said NAHB Chairman Alicia Huey. “Through wide-ranging events and programs, NAHB will be able to amplify the message that if you choose a career in construction, you’ll be a part of a thriving industry that changes lives and enriches communities.”

 Landscape Architecture 

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