Multi-Source Monitoring Data Fusion Comprehensive Evaluation Method for the Safety Status of Deep Foundation Pit

1. Introduction

Subway systems, as an effective means to alleviate surface traffic congestion, have become a primary focus in the development of urban underground spaces. There are considerable uncertainties and risks associated with the construction of the deep foundation pit (DFP). The issue of excessive monitoring warnings, caused by single-indicator monitoring values exceeding control values but falling within the acceptable range for the deformation, is typically encountered. Therefore, accurately assessing the safety status of DFP remains a crucial concern in underground engineering [1,2].

Health monitoring, as an approach to record the deformation of DFP and its surrounding environment, generates feedback data that are of great significance in measuring the security status of DFP. For reasonable utilization of the monitoring data, some scholars constructed a fully quantitative evaluation index system based on multi-indicator monitoring projects to dynamically assess the health status [3,4] and leakage risk levels of the foundation pits [5].

Bo Wu

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