Microplastics as an Emerging Threat to the Global Environment and Human Health

1. Introduction

In the last decade, microplastics have become a major environmental and health concern worldwide. They are small plastic particles that come from various sources, such as discarded plastics, textiles, and personal care products including face wash and soaps. These particles are so tiny that they can route through water filtration techniques and easily become pervasive in our environment [1].

These tiny particles can have a significant impact on marine life [2,3]. Marine animals, such as fish, sea turtles, and seabirds, mistake microplastics for food, which causes serious harm to their lives or death [4,5]. Plastics that accumulate on beaches undergo weathering degradation, which causes surface embrittlement and microcracking, resulting in the formation of microparticles. These particles can be carried into the water by wind or waves. 

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Shampa Ghosh

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