The state of Massachusetts took a major leap forward yesterday, as Gov. Maura Healey signed an executive order that prohibits state funds from being spent on water in single-serving plastic bottles, effective immediately.

The Bay State will be the first in the nation to take such a step to reduce the overuse of single-use plastics. The Surfrider Massachusetts Chapter is among many of the groups celebrating this decision. Over the last decade, the Chapter has worked with local activists and a coalition of other advocacy groups to successfully shift the narrative on disposable plastics in Massachusetts. Having contributed to over 20 campaign victories, including plastic bag and plastic straw bans, and ongoing advocacy for statewide plastic pollution reduction legislation the MA Chapter has been a leader in making single-use plastic reduction a priority for the current administration.

Plastics, specifically single-use plastic, are detrimental to our environment. In addition to the fact that they don’t biodegrade and require other non-renewable resources to make, they also are rarely recycled properly. Roughly two-thirds of all plastic ever produced remains in the environment today —  Read more.