The Jardins Suspendus (or Hanging Gardens) in Le Havre, France, is a beautiful and unique garden located on a hill overlooking the city and the sea. It is often described as one of the most beautiful gardens in France.

The garden was created in the 1950s on the site of an old Napoleon III-era fort, which had been mostly destroyed during World War II. The fort’s walls were transformed into terraces, and the garden was designed to be built on these terraces. The garden was designed by landscape architect Jacques Greber and opened to the public in 2004.

The Jardins Suspendus features a variety of plants and flowers, including hydrangeas, roses, and lavender, as well as many trees and shrubs.

There are several paths that wind through the garden, offering visitors breathtaking views of the city and the sea.

In addition to its natural beauty, the Jardins Suspendus is also known for its unique architecture and design. The garden’s terraces are supported by a series of arches, which give the garden its distinctive look. The arches also serve as a framework for a series of waterfalls, fountains, and ponds, which add to the garden’s charm.

Bastille Day Garden Party

Every 14th of July (Bastille Day, the national holiday of France) there is a public garden party. And every year, there is a week-long music festival called moZ’aïque.

Overall, the Jardins Suspendus is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Le Havre or the surrounding area. Its stunning views, beautiful flora, and unique architecture make it a true gem of France.

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