Now in its fourth Year, International Green Wall Day on 15 February celebrates and highlights the beauty and environmental benefits of living walls.

The date marks the 133-year anniversary of the birth of the living wall inventor and visionary landscape architect Stanley Hart White.

On this day the major architects, designers, manufacturers, and installers of living walls come together across social media channels, to share their best work with videos, images and articles, using the hashtag #GreenWallDay. This creates a useful snapshot of the current global state of play for green walls. Everyone is invited. It is free.

Despite the first patent being filed for a living wall in 1938, they did not become mainstream until the millennium. Since then, green walls have grown in popularity all over the world, becoming ever bigger and more spectacular.

“It is a common misconception that the living wall is a modern invention. But it was invented over 80 years ago. Imagine how different our cities would look today if architects, developers, planners and governments had made Stanley Hart White’s living walls core to urban development for the past 80 years. Read more