IFLA Europe recognises two Landscape Architecture programmes at Warsaw University of Life Sciences!

It is our pleasure to announce that IFLA Europe recognised Bachelor of Engineering degree in Landscape Architecture, 3,5 years, 211 ECTS and Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture, 1,5 years, 92 ECTS at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences for a period of 5 years 2023-2028.

The philosophy of the school towards graduates of the landscape architecture program is that students need to gain knowledge in the natural, agricultural and technical sciences as well as in the fine arts. This interdisciplinary approach will allow them to shape the landscape in accordance with the practical, mental and biological needs of the people under consideration of the idea of sustainable development. Students should acquire knowledge and skills to design and think in various scales including regional and local scale.

The School Recognition Panel considered the curriculum very broad, detailed, covering many subjects, with a diversity of disciplines that contribute to the landscape architect education.

The teachings experience and education/research and publications list as well as the quality of the listed university teachers are impressive – very skilled and engaged staff and many grants received.

The course was recognised for the period 2023-2028.

Landscape Architecture 

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