Iceberg Data Lab launches ESG generative AI assistant ‘Barbatus’

Green fintech Iceberg Data Lab has launched a new product that harnesses generative AI technology to generate real-time, text-based and fully sourced explanations in response to questions regarding the ESG data of portfolio companies.

Dubbed Barbatus after a nearly-extinct bird of prey, the chatbot is trained to extract and provide structured information from unstructured text sitting within IDL’s diversified dataset, which covers over 2,300 different products and services.

In pilot since September, Barbatus majors on transparency in the reporting process, providing clients with the page number, the paragraph and the source from which the chatbot has extracted information to answer any question.

Matthieu Maurin, co-founder and CEO of Iceberg Data Lab, comments: “Whilst financial institutions are demonstrating increased interest in ESG issues, reporting frameworks have simultaneously become increasingly complex. With Barbatus, we are responding to these issues by helping clients to analyse complex ESG data more quickly, transparently and effectively, so they can better understand the impact of their investments on the environment, whilst directly enabling and accelerating their own transition journeys.”