Trumpet Flowers installation (left) and Lightwave: Turning the Tide programme by Alibaba Cloud at i Light Singapore 2023 (Photos: i Light Singapore and URA)

SINGAPORE — Asia’s leading sustainable light festival i Light Singapore is set to return this June with two new locations: South Beach and Millenia Walk.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) said in a media release on Thursday (27 April) that this year’s edition will go by the theme of “A New Wave”, with blue as its anchor colour.

Blue was selected to represent oceans and rivers and its association with emotions like calmness and serenity.

Local students and Malaysian artist to be featured at new locations

A range of works from local artists, as well as acclaimed international ones from America, Australia and Malaysia, will be featured across six installations and one multi-sensorial light programme.

South Beach will host two student artworks: Bleached by Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media students, and Show III by students from James Cook University and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Millenia Walk will feature an artwork by Malaysian artist Jun Ong which will transform according to natural daylight and artificial lighting at night.

Other artworks include Block Party, an interactive installation by local collective Plug & Play showcasing Singapore’s public housing blocks, and Trumpet Flowers by Sydney-based art collective, Amigo & Amigo.

At Trumpet Flowers, visitors will be surrounded by towering flower sculptures ranging from two to six metres tall and curate their experience by composing a unique sound and light show from interactive keys.

Use of AI technology

Images of glaciers around the world will be turned into an Artificial Intelligence-based large-scale projection on the façade of the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands.

Titled Glacier Dreams, the installation will showcase processed images that underwent machine learning algorithms and later transformed into multi-sensory narratives by renowned Turkish-American media artist Refik Anadol.

The installation was created in effort to raise awareness of rising sea levels and climate change.

Glacier Dreams by Refik Anadol to be featured at i Light Singapore 2023 (Photo: i Light Singapore)

A brand new immersive light experience Lightwave: Turning the Tide by Alibaba Cloud will also be …


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