How To Spot Greenwashing In Renewables Investment


By now, we’ve all tired of sanctimonious, box -checking ESG (environmental-social-governance) investors who talk the talk but own clearly unsustainable (to use another favorite word) stocks. And of big fossil-fuel producers who profess their desire to decarbonize—but not for a while, and not if it will cost too much money, or decrease profits. The same folks who want to take “responsible” steps to decarbonize but not until 2050 when all present managers will have retired. So, with our long experience in banking, security valuation, investing and even venture capital, we’d like to offer a few gratuitous words of advice to those investors who want to find a real decarbonization opportunity rather than an oil company covered by greenwash and to those managers who want to advance their careers in the decarbonization field rather than get sidetracked into a greenwashed token operation that will kill their careers. Read More 

Step #1. Talk to the top brass and listen to them carefully. Are they mouthing the PR line or do they really mean it? You can tell.