Holistic Education for Sustainable Development: A Study of Shaping the Pro-Quality Attitude of Students in the Polish Educational System

1. Introduction

“Quality” is undoubtedly one of the most popular issues both in professional as well as in private life. This phenomenon can be explained in two ways. On the one hand, it is unquestionably connected with the increasing popularity of the concept of quality and the willingness to purchase products and services of a desired level. On the other hand, however, this concept is very frequently overused [1,2] and is used by sellers excessively or simply dishonestly, when it does not match high quality in reality [3].

Regardless of the resolution of this problem, the impact of the pro-quality attitude of societies on the creation of educational innovations is indisputable. Understanding the essence of being guided by quality in decisions and the awareness of the importance of continuous improvement also requires improvement in the field of education [4]. Read More 

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Bartosz Spychalski