Groundbreaking Study Reveals That Plants Can Remove Cancer-Causing                                                           Toxins From Air

Research led by UTS and plantscaping solutions company Ambius reveals that indoor plants can efficiently remove 97% of toxic gasoline fumes, including cancer-causing compounds like benzene, from indoor air within eight hours. Poor indoor air quality, often worse than outdoor air and a significant health hazard, can be improved sustainably using plants, with a positive impact on health, well-being, and productivity.

A new study reveals that plants can efficiently remove toxic gasoline fumes from indoor air.

A groundbreaking study has uncovered that plants possess the ability to efficiently remove toxic gasoline fumes, including carcinogenic substances like benzene, from indoor air.

The research was spearheaded by Associate Professor Fraser Torpy, a bioremediation expert from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), in collaboration with a leading Australian plantscaping solutions company Ambius.

The researchers found that the Ambius small green wall, containing a mix of indoor plants, was highly effective at removing harmful, cancer-causing pollutants, with 97 percent of the most toxic compounds removed from the surrounding air in just eight hours.

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