What exactly IS a green roof?

While roof gardens and green roofs come in a fantastic array of styles, meeting a wide range of needs, both comprise a rooftop space that has been transformed into a green system. That might mean:

Extensive: In this scenario, the green roof grows in 6 inches of media or less, and typically consists of low-growing succulents, herbs and grasses. The main goal is to manage stormwater, though extensive green roofs also provide cooling benefits, pollinator habitat and protection of the building envelope.

Intensive: These roofs use growing media or soil anywhere from 6 to 24 inches deep – or even more, though weight is a constraint. In this scenario, gardeners can plant large shrubs or even trees, for a true rooftop paradise.

Whichever kind appeals to you more will depend on your particular space and goals. Either way, and at risk of sounding a little self-satisfied, we dare you to find a more knowledgeable green roof and rooftop garden expert in the Chicago area. With 30 years’ experience under our belt, you’re unlikely to find anyone who knows their stuff better than we do.

We’ve installed green roofs on top of garages and dozens of stories in the air. We’ve built rooftop gardens for homeowners and companies alike. Our approach to stewardship is legendary (like, seriously).

Bottom line: We’ll help you envision the perfect use for your space, from giving birds a home to helping those native bees, reducing water waste to creating a sweet outdoor hangout.

You know, for you. And the birds.

Interested? We thought so.

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