General Mills is paying this agriculture tech startup to help make Cheerios greener

Agriculture and the overall food ecosystem are responsible for roughly one third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Growing things is a dirty business, but new technology is now offering both farmers and major food companies ways of making it cleaner.

Growing all the things we eat at the increasing volumes we need depletes the soil of nutrients and produces harmful carbon emissions. Regenerative agriculture aims to reduce emissions and protect soil through various methods. These include crop rotation, cover crops, increasing biodiversity, composting and livestock integration. Increasingly, it also includes improving crops’ resilience to climate change.

One example is Regrow Ag, a startup focused on both decarbonizing and renewing agriculture. It takes satellite imagery, weather data, government soil maps and on-the-ground observations on specific farms and feeds it all into a computer model that knows how soils and crops behave based on different conditions. Regrow also works with farm management partners, including John Deere, to directly import crop, yield and management data into its platform. Read More

Diana Olick

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