Floating Sustainable Concept, Dogen City, is a Smart Healthcare City in the Ocean

In response to modern problems, there are plenty of proposed solutions to alleviate overpopulation and seawater rise, with one from a Japanese company called N-ARK, with the floating sustainable concept, Dogen City. This new concept aims to bring everything a human needs and wants in a remote floating city, complete with healthcare and smart features for all. 

The developers and people assigned to the project envision a coastal community that has everything it needs, also safe from natural disasters looming around the corner. 

N-ARK introduced Dogen City to the world and bring a “smart healthcare city on the ocean” concept that may very well be the future for some. Note that this is still in its early concept and there may be massive changes to its different aspects or elements. 

The floating city integrates different aspects of life in it including food environment, data, energy, architecture, and ocean resource in one.  Read More  

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Isaiah Richard