Fargo’s Garden of Healing becoming a regional destination

It’s an honor to write this week’s garden column about a project that will impact the lives of our region for decades to come, and we can all help.

The story begins on June 28, 2018, when Sarah Fisher received the worst call a mother could imagine: her 22-year-old son, Cameron Bolton, had been in a car accident. Her greatest fear soon became reality when he was pronounced brain dead.

Sarah knew he still had so much more to give, so she, along with Cameron’s family, decided to donate his organs, and there was comfort in knowing he was improving or saving the lives of others. On his final day, as his family surrounded him in the hospital room – and with no rain in sight – a full rainbow reached out as if to embrace the sky over Fargo.

From that unthinkable loss came inspiration for hope. Sarah made it her life’s mission to educate others on organ donation, so she created Crosses for Cameron, a nonprofit organization with the intent to improve the lives of organ donors and recipients.

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