Evolution of the Playscapes

A playscape is a ‘landscape of play’ in other words, an environment designed to promote, enhance or protect the act of playing for a range of users. These can include highly designed spaces like football pitches or gyms or natural environments such as climbing a tree. Humans have been defining these spaces and improving them since the dawn of civilisation and I want to explore the recent history of these spaces.

Throughout the history of playscapes, there has been a clear evolution in the design of spaces for children to play in. The article is to run through this history so we can understand the evolution and how these developments are related to the changes in research on childhood learning and play which continues to grow.

Each type of playground design has positives and negatives and through an analytical approach to reviewing designs, I will highlight the positives and negatives of the playgrounds and try to give a history that can help inform further designs of playscapes. Read More 

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