The successful integration of CONTROP´s EO/IR Camera Systems in ESG´s core intelligence for drone detection and defence, the ELYSION C4I system, expands the capabilities of C-UAS systems for military and police customers significantly. End of April ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH and CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. signed an MoU to strengthen cooperation in the further development of C-UAS solutions. The continuous integration of trend-setting sensor and effector technologies is elementary to a sustainably successful detection and defence against uncooperative drones. An important capability is the enhancement of the verification of (incoming) threats or detections.

Enhanced algorithms of ESG´s C-UAS core intelligence ELYSION hereby enable ever-increasing levels of automation and a combat proven mission system back bone that provides interoperability of multiple systems in complex scenarios.
With CONTROP´s EO/IR camera systems integrated in ELYSION, ESG will soon provide a very robust, high performing, field-proven and reliable sensor at an attractice ratio in terms of size, weight, power (SWaP) and cost. Thus ESG´s customers will benefit from a significant portfolio enhancement – day & night, long distance, on the move capability (OTM). Knowing that strong partners are crucial for modular, effective and reliable C-UAS solutions, ESG will be continuing to work closely together with CONTROP and other capable partners to drive the joint development of robust C-UAS sensors and effectors to meet the specific requirements of its customer – now and in the future.

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