Enhancing our green infrastructure

We work to increase and enhance the green infrastructure on our network and across London.

We have ambitious targets for increasing biodiversity and green cover on our land, including targets for tree canopy cover, street trees and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

Working with boroughs

We work with boroughs to help them create new green spaces and routes to new green spaces on their roads. Evidence shows that well-designed green infrastructure can help to encourage a greater uptake of walking and cycling. This helps us meet commitments in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and contributes towards the aims and targets in the London Environment Strategy.

Natural capital account

We’re calculating the economic value of a range of benefits that our natural assets provide, such as carbon storage, recreation and air pollutant removal. We’ll use this information in our strategic decision-making and to help us plan our investments. This will allow us to achieve better environmental outcomes on our estate. Read More¬†¬†

 ?Green Roofs, Living Walls, and Green Infastructure 

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