Embracing Nature’s Wisdom: Resolving the Office Temperature Debate through Biomimicry

We moved to a new office and our employees were going gaga about the new work environment. But that did not last long and a peculiar phenomenon began to unfold. People started congregating in the lobby, seeking solace from the relentless temperature battles that raged within the confines of our workplace. It seemed as though the humble AC remote controllers had become coveted artifacts, passed from one faction to another, each group vying for control over the elusive “perfect” temperature.

The situation reached a tipping point, and our astute HR department decided it was time to intervene. They embarked on a mission to unravel the mystery behind this never-ending office temperature debate. As they delved into conversations with our diverse workforce, a chorus of grievances emerged, echoing through the halls:

“It’s freezing in here! I feel like I need to wrap myself in blankets just to survive the workday,” lamented one employee.

“I constantly battle the cold, and it’s sapping away my motivation. I find myself yearning for the comfort of the lobby,” confessed another. Read More¬†¬†


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Sridhar Dp