Developing Green Solutions for Urban Development Challenges Dana Colson Sustainability & LEED

Climate change is real, and the effects on flora and fauna are evident across the globe. Governments and non-governmental organizations should work together in developing green solutions and ways of dealing with the effects. The mitigation strategies shouldn’t focus on natural habitats, urban growth, rural areas but also on urban areas.

World Population & Public Health

A recent study projects that two-thirds of the world population will live in cities and other urban areas by 2050. Even though urban areas occupy only 3% of the habitable space, 75% of global CO2 emissions are from these areas.

An increase in CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere aggravates the problem of global warming and climate change. It’s possible to reduce emissions by implementing green solutions and creating green spaces. 

As climate change continues to cause global temperatures to rise, cities around the world face increasing challenges to sustain their urban development. Outdoor air temperatures in the largest cities can climb even higher during summer months, prompting greater emphasis on developing green solutions to improve indoor air quality, reduce energy consumption and create more sustainable economic development plans.

Developing Green Solutions

These solutions include implementing master planning strategies that incorporate green roofs and other landscaping elements, as well as changing transportation planning decisions to account for population growth. The benefits of these green solutions extend far beyond reducing energy consumption and improving air quality; they also create healthier living environments for residents, promote positive economic outcomes for businesses, and provide improved recreational spaces for citizens.

Green Solutions for Urban Areas

Here is an overview of green solutions for urban areas that can solve a majority of the urban development challenges and promote sustainable development.

Construction of Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the most reliable renewable green energy at our disposal. Switching to this form of green and clean energy will result in more sustainable cities. Besides providing affordable power to residential and commercial premises, solar farms are effective in improving air quality as no pollutant gases are released into the atmosphere during the generation process.

Solar farms in cities around the world …


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