Determination of Energy Consumption and Technical Efficiency of Cotton Farms in Türkiye

1. Introduction

Energy is one of the most critical inputs for the continuity of agricultural production. Agriculture uses energy to operate machinery and equipment, apply chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers, and heat and cool farm buildings [1]. In recent years, with the increase in the world population, the demand for food has grown, significantly increasing the amount of energy used in agriculture [2]. Thus, researchers’ interest in using energy in agriculture has increased [3].

The efficient use of energy in agriculture is essential for ensuring agricultural sustainability [4]; however, using fossil fuels to increase efficiency in agricultural production plays a crucial role in increasing greenhouse gases [5,6]. Many researchers in different parts of the world have reported that the world is significantly affected by environmental pollution because of energy inputs used in agriculture [7,8,9,10,11]. Some countries with large surface measurements (China and the USA) have given importance to research reducing the use of fossil fuels used as energy sources in agricultural production.

Ye?im Aytop

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