Nigerian landscape architecture has evolved in recent years, thanks to the efforts of dedicated professionals like Alao Atumye Amos. An experienced landscape architect, urban planner and project manager, Alao is at the forefront of promoting sustainable landscape design that fosters health, wellbeing and social inclusion with a wealth of experience and extensive educational background, Alao is helping shape the future of landscape architecture in Nigeria.

Alao, a member of the Society of Landscape Architects of Nigeria (SLAN), has been instrumental in the growth of the organization. “The Society of Landscape Architects of Nigeria was registered in 2003 with barely less than 10 members. Today, the Society has over a 100 Fellows, Full Members, and Technicians,” he explained.

As the current Secretary-General of the International Federation of Landscape Architects Africa (IFLA Africa) and the President of SLAN, Alao is committed to raising awareness about the importance of landscape architecture in the country.

He stated, “Landscape Architecture is relatively new and young in this clime. Perhaps this explains why few who know about the relevance of Landscape Architecture in construction and environmental development schemes seem to prefer ceding our professional roles and functions to non- professionals.”

Alao’s passion for landscape architecture began early. “I have always loved nature and its therapeutic powers as a child,” he said. Over the years, he has faced numerous challenges, including the lack of awareness about the importance of landscaping the environment and the perception that Landscape Architecture is simply “greening.”

Despite these obstacles, Alao has achieved notable successes. Among his proudest accomplishments is the publication of a book titled “Plant Photobook for Greenhorns.” The book, which is available on Amazon and Okada Books, has become a household name in green circles.

Alao encourages aspiring professionals in his field to “remain focused, shun bad practices, upskill,[and network.” His personal motto emphasizes the need for continuous growth: “To remain relevant, one must be ready to adapt and learn.”

As landscape architecture gains traction in Nigeria, Alao is optimistic about the future. The National Universities Commission (NUC) recently approved Landscape Architecture to be run at the undergraduate level (BLA) under the new faculty of Architecture, which will open doors for more students to pursue careers in the field.
With his unwavering commitment to sustainable, therapeutic landscape ecology and natural landscape improvements, Alao Atumye Amos is poised to continue making a lasting impact on Nigeria’s landscape architecture scene.

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