Creek Cabin, Innovative Eco Home in Suffolk (UK) by MAP Architecture

MAP Architecture: Innovative Eco Home built to Passivhaus principles in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Suffolk Broads. Creek Cabin started as an experiment on the possibility to create a low impact home for future living whilst conserving the local flora and fauna. The result is a building which sits within the site with the grace of a living object. It is largely constructed out of natural materials and has a swathe of living elements which enhance the connection with the surrounding ecology.

What was the brief?

The clients owned a small holiday cottage on the site whilst living in London for work. They wanted to move out of London and live on the site and therefore needed a more suitable dwelling which would meet their spatial and environmental needs. The brief was to create a new building which would enhance the surroundings, respect the environment, deal with the risks from flooding and poor access while meeting very high energy standards, appropriate to the 21st century and sustainable into the future. Read More  

 ?Green Roofs, Living Walls, and Green Infastructure 

Liliana Alvarez