Costa Rica Sets Example for Sustainable Tourism Practices Tico Times 

As part of its national commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Costa Rica has made sustainable tourism a key component of its growth strategy. The Costa Rica Tourism Board has established a certification system to recognize hotels and tourism companies that responsibly manage natural resources and support local communities.

In today’s market, sustainability credentials are highly valued by consumers. Sustainable tourism drives inclusive economic progress, defends labor rights, highlights diverse cultures, aids rural development, lowers carbon emissions, and safeguards fragile ecosystems in some of the world’s most beautiful yet underdeveloped travel destinations.

Undoubtedly, green investments are vital for earning the trust of the growing base of eco-conscious travelers. However, there are no universally accepted international standards for ESG factors in business, meaning companies must have a genuine dedication to sustainability and transparency in their core values.

Recent ESG sentiment surveys by GlobalData have shown declining faith in brands’ sustainability initiatives, underscoring the need for authenticity in eco-friendly practices.

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