Climate adaptation and resilience is a complex, multiagency and multidisciplinary challenge. Buro Happold offers a interconnected global network of technical experts and problem-solvers to help you manage climate risk and augment your adaptive capacity across all your assets. This may range from buildings and infrastructure to city and district scale.

As the climate changes, we are experiencing the impact of environmental, social and political conditions such as global supply chains, urban infrastructures, the spread and emergence of pests and diseases, water supplies and ecosystems. Our cities could see temperature rises of several degrees by the end of the century, whilst flooding and extreme weather conditions are becoming more frequent and intense worldwide.

The impacts of these climate risks are social, economic, environmental and technical. They vary significantly based on local context, resources and capacity. Climate risks exacerbate social vulnerabilities. Our work with theĀ Los Angeles County Vulnerability Assessment is an example of how proactively identifying the people, places and systems most vulnerable to the effects of climate change can inform strategies that enable communities to flourish equitably, despite the risks faced. Read more