Clean Tech Offers Cheapest Net Zero Path for Japan

The cheapest way for Japan to meet its 2030 emissions reduction and mid-century net zero goals is to deploy mature, clean technologies like wind and solar generation, and electric vehicles, according to a report from BloombergNEF. 

The analysis stands in contrast to the transition pathway the country has staked out that may extend the life of its coal and gas-fired generation through 2050 by co-firing facilities with ammonia and hydrogen and capturing the emissions. 

Japan’s climate transition policies have made it an outlier among its Group of Seven peers, who are mostly pivoting toward clean energy and away from fossil fuels that generate the carbon dioxide and methane releases warming the planet. Its current emissions-reduction trajectory strays the furthest from what’s needed by 2030 to reach net zero by 2050, according to data compiled by Bloomberg and the Network for Greening the Financial System.

Shoko Oda

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