Omni Ecosystems work as a landscape architecture design studio and living infrastructure provider located in the City’s South Side positions us perfectly to support applicants seeking grants for green infrastructure projects.

Our award-winning design studio Omni Workshop designs spaces for people, embracing nature to test and advance the ecology & culture of place. This unique expertise helps green infrastructure projects employ working landscapes to provide natural beauty and co-benefits, such as managing stormwater.

Omni Infinity Media is unmatched in the marketplace as an engineered growing media used to maximize stormwater management capacity within bioswales. Developed nearly 20 years ago and employed across the country, this advanced ‘soil’ equips design & trade professionals to create effective green infrastructure on their projects.

Read more here about some of Omni’s experience leading green infrastructure design and implementation throughout Chicago, especially our community of Bronzeville.

Our experience has shown that collaborative involvement in climate action and environmental justice leads to positive change. We’re excited about the City’s promise to continue this important funding and we are eager to engage in meaningful, sustainable development. Contact our team to help your project come to life today! Email our design studio Omni Workshop here, or email Omni Rewild here to purchase Omni Infinity Media.

Landscape Architecture 

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