Nairobi — Clean Air Task Force (CATF) is participating at Africa Climate Week this month, highlighting the urgent need to reckon with the full scope of the climate challenge and advance a diverse array of climate solutions to decrease emissions while increasing global energy supply to meet rising demand.

“The African continent is sitting in a delicate balance,” said Lily Odarno, CATF Director, Energy and Climate Innovation, Africa. “On the one hand we see deep crisis from political instability, food insecurity, mounting debt burdens, and climate vulnerability. On the other is opportunity and a massive potential for innovation and growth on a continent that is home to the youngest population in the world and is endowed with rich energy and natural resources. We must tip the balance in favor of opportunity and hope.”

“To do this,” Odarno continued, “Africa Climate Week must take the real issues head-on and strive to answer these questions: How can we transform the continent’s energy system while bringing energy access and development to all? How can we build a resilient financial architecture that can support the continent’s Read more