Course Description and Credit Information

The objective of this course to give an overview of biodiversity in today’s context, highlight its importance and why we need to conserve it. The course will give insight into various definitions of biodiversity, definitions of species, as well as the scaling of definitions from communities to ecosystems. The course will highlight issues that challenge biodiversity as well as the conservation approaches and strategies that are being implemented to reduce biodiversity loss.


Learning Objectives:

1. Define biodiversity and understand the scope of biodiversity on earth from genetic diversity to ecosystem diversity
2. Learn about the benefits of biodiversity, from food and energy security to wealth and health
3. Understand the causes of biodiversity loss, from pollution to global climate change
4. Understand treaties, policies and laws implemented to reduce biodiversity loss and increase conservation of species.

General Course Information

Credits 1 CEU/CE/PH/CH
Format Pre-recorded webinar