Course Description and Credit Information

Transportation Planning is one of the key processes in urban development, where decision makers and other members of the team face huge challenges due to changing times, trends, and pedestrian behaviors.

This course focuses on the link between built environment, perceived or actual safety, and walking or biking. It also touches on the processes involved in transportation planning, including issues that affect walking and bicycling, as well as proposed solutions. The presentations also cover key trends of pedestrian and bicycle activity across California and presented strategies that Caltrans in particular can pursue towards achieving their walking and bicycling goals.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn from industry experts the different processes and methods applied or used in planning transportation development and resolve issues related to the subject.

2. Know the specific challenges that come with transportation planning.

3. Learn how past projects and events can contribute to re-envision the future of transportation.

4. Know the appropriate designs and policy interventions that can help people feel safer in transportation settings.

General Course Information

Credits 1.5 CEU/CE/PH/CH,
1.0 for NJ
Format Pre-recorded webinar