In CCL’s virtual lobbying last November, our primary ask was for members of Congress to cosponsor the BIG WIRES Act. Many Congressional offices responded by asking detailed questions about the bill. Questions like, ‘How much will it impact utility costs?’; ‘How much will it reduce climate pollution?’; and ‘How will it impact our specific region?’.

It was difficult to provide specific answers to these questions at the time, because nobody had yet analyzed the BIG WIRES Act and its effects. That changed a little over a month ago, when researchers at MIT published a report doing exactly that! Around the same time, a group of scientists from Vanderbilt University published a study about the importance of the Inflation Reduction Act’s home electrification and efficiency incentives, and we got an update about the status of the bill’s upfront rebates for low- and middle-income households.

I recently gave a Citizens’ Climate University training to educate CCL volunteers about these important updates. Watch the full training here or read on for a recap: