Beat the Four Horsemen: The Urgency of “Green” in Architecture ?

We live in a time when the impacts of climate change are beginning to be felt more regularly. Intense weather events, such as droughts or floods, as well as wildfires and pollution, have become a part of the everyday news cycle and must be addressed – not with fear and panic, but through harnessing knowledge and applying prevention and mitigation techniques. According to Filazzola et al., research data indicates that we should encourage policymakers and practitioners to improve the design of green infrastructure to benefit urban ecosystems because of the potential benefits for both humans and global biodiversity (1).

A scientific study, entitled Harnessing the Four Horsemen of Climate Change: A Framework for Deep Resilience, Decarbonization, and Planetary Health in Ontario, Canada by Anderson et al., 2021, addresses the role of green infrastructure to build a world that can be better prepared to deal with the pressures that can become a part of our future reality. 

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Urbanscape Team