Artificial Intelligence game to strategic investments: Key things that Wipro’s chairman Rishad Premji said in 77th AGM

Rishad revealed that for two years now, Wipro’s Generative AI Center of Excellence has conducted research with leading academic institutions, built accelerators and frameworks, and developed deep competency through the Wipro AI Academy.

Our AI practice has created several cross-industry solutions for our clients, such as demand and revenue forecasting models, deployed AI in autonomous vehicles, improved supply chain efficiencies, and driven efficiencies & quality in areas such as content moderation,” he added.

From the current financial year FY24, Wipro is putting a much greater emphasis on its AI practice.

He said, going ahead, Wipro aims to integrate AI into every platform, every tool, and every solution used internally and offered to clients. This will enable our clients to accelerate AI adoption and unleash a new era of value and productivity.

In regards to the awareness that AI will impact work, personal, and social life significantly due to emerging technology, the chairman said, “We are putting in strong guardrails and governance models for its usage both internally and externally.” Read More