Hikers In Glacier National Park Come Face-to-face With Grizzly Bear

A terrifying encounter occurred recently in Glacier National Park, Montana, U.S., when hikers ran into a giant grizzly bear. The heart-stopping encounter, captured on video, exemplifies wildlife’s raw force and unpredictable nature in their natural habitat. The video has already gone viral, serving as a reminder of the breathtaking beauty and inherent dangers of exploring the great outdoors.

A group of trekkers happened upon a bear in Glacier National Park, a renowned wilderness destination known for its magnificent vistas and unique fauna.  

Steve Franklin captured a video of the big bear ambling down a hill on a narrow path towards the hikers on Hidden Lake trail. According to Franklin, the grizzly bear appeared from the trees at the top of the slope near Siyeh Bend. The video shows that the trail was steep and rocky, making it impossible for hikers to step aside and let the bear pass.  Read More 

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Anusha Jain