Amsterdam plans to build an entirely wooden residential area

Amsterdam is one step closer to building the first residential neighborhood in the Netherlands to be made almost entirely of wood. Located on the outskirts of Nelson Mandela Park and in the Zuidoost district (southeastern part of the city), it is expected to become an environmentally friendly neighborhood with 725 houses and everything its residents may need – schools, shops, social and cultural institutions.

The future wooden housing estate will consist of 9 residential blocks with different types of households.

There will also be self-construction plots where future homeowners will be able to build something on their own. The chosen architectural style has a Caribbean influence, with covered verandas, galleries, and wooden staircases along the facades.

The buildings will have green roofs and rainwater storage systems. Wood was chosen as the main material. To a lesser extent, the project will use glass, concrete, and steel.

Visualization: an example of a wooden house by Robin Wood Read More 

 Green Roofs, Living Walls, and Green Infastructure  

Marina Buzovska