Ambition 2030 Sector Spotlight: Transportation


Q&A with Micheal Kodransky, Ceres Senior Director of Clean Transportation

Q: What drew you to your work in the transportation sector?

A: I studied urban planning with a focus on transportation and environmental sustainability, seeing the fundamental way mobility determines where a person lives and works—essentially where they can go in life. Mobility is the tissue that connects people, goods, and places. It was clear to me how fundamental access to affordable, reliable, and clean transportation is to ensuring good livelihoods for all.

My interest in this connection began at a moment when the world was projected to reach a population of 7 billion, with the majority of people living in cities. This is a key shift—for all of history, more people lived in rural areas than in cities. By the time economies realize their net zero targets in 2050, the world population is projected to reach 10 billion, with 75% living in cities.  Read more